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Emil Pull
Doctoral Student

I am part of Malmö Universitys research environment MUSA (Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change) and the national research platform CRUSH (Critical Urban Sustainability Hub). I am also part time employed by Roskilde University in Denmark and part of their research unit MOSPUS (Space, Place, Mobility and Urban Studies). I teach and supervise students in planning theory and critical urban studies. My MA is in Human Geography with minors in Political Science, philosophy and economics.

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Contact details
Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Niagara,
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:71

Critical Urban Sustainability Hub - CRUSH
Roskilde University - ENSPAC Profile
  • Publications

  • Selected publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Baeten, Guy, Westin, Sara, Pull, Emil, Molina, Irene (2017) "Pressure and violence : Housing renovation and displacement in Sweden" Environment & Planning A;, Sage, ISSN 0308-518X, DOI [länk],

    Baeten, Guy, Listerborn, Carina (red./ed.) | CRUSH, Critical Urban Sustainability Hub, Baeten, Guy, Blackwell, Tim, Christophers, Brett, Grundström, Karin, Holgersen, Ståle, Kärrholm, Mattias, Listerborn, Carina, Molina, Irene, Peiteado Fernández, Vítor, Pull, Emil, Rodenstedt, Ann, Thörn, Catharina, Westerdahl, Stig, Westin, Sara, Bengtsson, Bo (2016) 13 myter om bostadsfrågan. Dokument Press, 168, ISBN 978-91-85639-96-0, URL [länk],
  • Other tasks and merits

  • Teaches Planning theory, Critical theory and Theory of science, Malmö University. Teach and supervise at the International bachelor study programme in social science, Roskilde University.

    Supervise theses in Real estate science and in City planning on Bachelor level, and in Sustainable urban management on Master level

    Publications • Book Chapter: (2016 )”Anonymt kapitel” i CRUSH (red.) 13 Myter om bostadsfrågan. Dokument Press • Peer review-article: With Baeten, Guy., Westin, Sara., Molina, Irene (Submitted) ”Pressure, profit and violence: Housing renovation and displacement in Sweden”, Environment and Planning A • Debate article: (2015) ”Nytt är inte alltid bättre”, Tidskriften Stad (13). Research conference contributions • Delft 2015: Werewolves on the housing market : on Swedish zones of indistictions and the urban homo sacer. Paper presentation at New Urban Languages conference. • San Fransisco 2016: Pressure and profit: Renovation and discplacement in the swedish million homes program. Paper presentation at American Association of Geographers annual meeting • San Fransisco 2016: Narrating displacement: Lived experiences of urban social and spatial exclusion. Organized 3 paper sessions (12 papers in total) and 1 panel session together with Ioanna Tsoni and Jacob Lind. • Madrid 2016: Renoviction and displacement violence: The new neoliberalisation frontier of the Swedish housing regime. Paper presentation at Contested Cities conference Invited speaker for (selected) • Botkyrka 2016: ”Borttränging”, invited by the Tenants Union. Conference: ”Arbete, Bostad. Bostad, Arbete” • Stockholm 2016: ”Bostadsfrågan och hållbara städer”, invited by the Tenants Union. Live streamed lecture. Conference: ”Får alla rum? Alla får rum. Rum för alla!” • Stockholm 2016: ”Vad händer med dem som inte har råd att bo kvar?”, invited by Fastighetsnytt. Conference: ”Business Arena Stockholm 2016” • Uppsala 2016: ”Renovräkning: Att renoveras bort från sitt hem”, invited by Sesam. • Uppsala (Upcoming 2016): ”13 myter om bostadsfrågan” & Panel debate on Renoviction. Conference: ”Bostadsvrålet 2016” • Stockholm 2016 (upcoming): ”13 myter om bostadsfrågan”, Invited by SABO. Live streamed lecture. Forskarfrukost. Misc • 2016 Spring: Hosted, organized and commented the Urban Seminar series ”Privileged spaces/Spaces of privilege”. Invited speakers: Brett Christophers, Mekkonen Tasfahuney, Lena Sohl • 2016 Fall (upcoming): Hosting, organizing and commenting the Urban Seminar series ”Urban Contestation”. Invited speakers: Dominika Polanska, Jason Handerson, Raimundo Viejo, Anders Lund-Hanser, Margit Mayer, Catharina Thörn, Håkan Thörn, Erik Swyngedouw

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