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Juliana Restrepo Giraldo
Doctoral Student

Practical tales about care – Exploring speculative guidelines for sustainable home-making.

This PhD thesis position itself in relation to participatory design, feminist technoscience/theory and sustainability research. The overall focus is on (future) homes and sustainability. I will use the term 'home-making' as a concept to explore how different meanings, narratives, habits create different everyday understandings of home. This exploration will consider a broader perspective about the meaning of 'home' while reflecting the interdependence between a home with its location and the interactions within.

The research addresses home-making as a continuous, everyday practice. The study includes the importance of 'invisible' chores; such as planning, making decisions, caring; which nurture and empower sustainable home-making. It intends to search for knowledge and strategies which can help us (humans) to re-orientate priorities and our thinking about how we cohabitate in a populated world (with different worldviews), and how that can influence our future home-making.

Research platforms

Collaborative Future Making pil show

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Culture and Society pil show
School of Arts and Communication pil show

Contact details
Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Niagara,
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:71

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