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Jean-Charles Languilaire
Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. Business Administration Short Biography Jean-Charles Languilaire is nowadays Assistant Professor in Business Administration at Malmö University since 2012 with the directorship of the Master Programme “Leadership for Sustainability” and the responsibility for Business Administration courses. Jean-Charles Languilaire holds a Ph.D in Business Administration from the University of Jönköping, Sweden since 2009. He also graduated from the Business School of Dijon Bourgogne, Dijon, France (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Dijon Bourgogne) and obtained his Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics with a major in Business Administration at Karlstad University (Area of Service Management), Sweden..

Research Jean-Charles's research interests lie primarily within Human Resources Development and Leadership with a focus on individuals, their well-being and their relationships between work and personal life. Jean-Charles Languilaire’s research interest lies specifically within on individuals’ work/non-work experiences and the complexity between integration and segmentation of life domains. Jean-Charles’ thesis is entitled: “Experiencing work/non-work - Theorising individuals’ process of integrating and segmenting work, family, social and private” (Languilaire, 2009). The thesis contributes to the work-life field, especially the boundary perspective on work and non-work by presenting a model of individuals’ work/non-work experiences. Jean-Charles is now working from the model of ”individual’s work/non-work experiences (Languilaire, 2009) and is developing new ideas especially around the role of city in individuals’ work/non-work experiences as well would like to relate the concepts of lifestyle and lifestyle migration to individual’s work/non-work experiences. Teaching Jean-Charles teaches within the fields of Leadership, Organisation Theory, Service Management, International Management and Human Resource Management. Jean-Charles has been lecturer and/or thesis supervisor at JIBS, Halmstad Högskolan as well as in Skövde Högskolan and Mälardalens Högskolan in Sweden. Jean-Charles has been guest lecturer in South Africa and Sri Lanka. Jean-Charles is nowadays Assistant Professor in Business Adminsitration at Malmö University and teaches business administration courses in the Bachelor programme “Ekonomi och IT”. He is course responsible for the bachelor thesis course in the “Ekonomi och IT” programme. Since 2012, he is also the programme Director for the Master Programme “Leadership for Sustainability” in which he is also mainly teaching leadership, sustainability and research methods especially qualitative research. Jean-Charles is as well currently teaching within Human Resources at EDHEC Business School in France.

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Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Niagara, Plan 8, Hus C
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:71

Dissertation: Experiencing work/non-work
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    Conference Contributions
    Languilaire, Jean-Charles E. (2016) "Work-Life Boundary Making in Cities" (poster) 1-2, (PDF document) (application/pdf)
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