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Design Theory

Researchers within Design Theory.
Gkouskos, Dimitrios, Postdoc
Social sciences; Information technology; Design theory; User experience design research
Hellström Reimer, Maria, Professor
Miljöhumaniora; Interdisciplinary research areas; Design action; Representation and performativity; The philosophies of practical knowing; Artistic research; Design theory; Environmental humanities
Salo, Johan, Doctoral Student
Datafication of health; Computer science; Design theory; Interaction design; Quantified self technologies
Seravalli, Anna, Senior Lecturer
Participatory design, co-design; Co-production; Design for sustainability and social innovation; Commons; Heterodox economies; Design practice-based research; Design theory; Product design; Service design; Design; Interaction design
Sörensen, Charlotte, Lecturer
Industrial design; Material selection processes; Design; Designprocess; Product development; Interdisciplinary research areas; Human communication; Product design; Materiality; Design theory; Artistic research; Education; Material criteria activities; Pedagogical framework for material and design; Material driven design mdd; Material practices in design