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Department of Urban Studies researchers in alphabetical order



Alwall, Jonas
Alwall, Jonas, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Sociology; Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Sociology of religion; Urban studies

Andersson, Magnus
Andersson, Magnus, Senior Lecturer

Economic geography; Spatial analysis; Internationalisation, emerging markets, sustainable development, gis; Real estate studies

Appelqvist, Maria
Appelqvist, Maria, Senior Lecturer

Sociology; Asylum policy; Models of refugee reception


Baeten, Guy
Baeten, Guy, Professor

Social sciences

Bissmont, Mimmi
Bissmont, Mimmi, Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Waste

Björk, Fredrik
Björk, Fredrik, Lecturer

Social sciences; History and philosophy subjects; Humanities and religion; Humanities and religion

Bohman, Helena
Bohman, Helena, Senior Lecturer

Statistics; Economics; Human geography, economic geography; Business and economics

Borgström, Benedikte
Borgström, Benedikte, Senior Lecturer

Transport management; Business studies


Carlsson, Carl-Magnus


Dabaieh, Marwa
Dabaieh, Marwa, Researcher

Vernacular architecture, passive design, earth buildings, sustainable building conservation, zero emission buildings, participatory design, transdisciplinary action research

DeBono, Daniela
DeBono, Daniela, Senior Lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration

Dikec, Mustafa
Dikec, Mustafa, Researcher


Edvik, Anders
Edvik, Anders, Senior Lecturer

Ek, Anne-Charlotte
Ek, Anne-Charlotte, Lecturer

Social sciences; Pedagogical work; Media and communication studies; Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies

Ewald, Göran
Ewald, Göran, Senior Lecturer

Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas


Fonseca, Claudia
Fonseca, Claudia, Research Assistant

Neoliberal urbanization; Critical urban theory; Mexico; Social sciences; Political science; Human geography

Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur
Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences


Geisler, Martin
Geisler, Martin, Postdoc

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Grander, Martin
Grander, Martin, Researcher

Social sciences; Housing research; Urban development; Political science; Sociology

Grundström, Karin
Grundström, Karin, Senior Lecturer

Sustainable urban development; Development studies; Social sciences; Aesthetic subjects; Settlement studies; Civil engineering and architecture; Gender studies


Hallin, Per Olof
Hallin, Per Olof, Senior Professor

Human geography; Social sciences

Hamidi, Zahra
Hamidi, Zahra, Doctoral Student

Statistics, computer and systems science; Other social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Herbert, Mikaela
Herbert, Mikaela, Doctoral Student

Housing research; Migration; Ethnography; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Political science

Håkansson, Peter
Håkansson, Peter, Senior Lecturer


Ingman, Sissi
Ingman, Sissi, Senior Lecturer

Human communication; Technology and social change; Philosophy subjects; Organizing, projects, participation, hannah arendt


Jallow, Sabina
Jallow, Sabina, Doctoral Student

Jingryd, Ola
Jingryd, Ola, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Real estate law, property law, real estate science; Real estate brokerage, real estate agents, housing market

Johansson, Magnus
Johansson, Magnus, Senior Lecturer

Sustaianbel urban developmnet, collaboartive planning and management, community work, action reserach; Education; Social sciences; Social sciences; Social innovations; Education; Interdisciplinary research areas

Johansson, Roger
Johansson, Roger, Professor


Jönsson, Sandra
Jönsson, Sandra, Senior Lecturer

Psychology; Social sciences; Work sciences


Karlsson, Ulrika
Karlsson, Ulrika, Doctoral Student

Work sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas


Landeman, Marc
Landeman, Marc, Doctoral Student

Private law; Law/jurisprudence; Interdisciplinary research areas

Languilaire, Jean-Charles
Languilaire, Jean-Charles, Senior Lecturer

Business studies; Work/non-work experiences, work-life balance, leadership, human resources

Larsson, Per
Larsson, Per, Doctoral Student

Urban commons; Urban development; Co use; Other civil engineering and architecture

Lindqvist, Sylwia
Lindqvist, Sylwia, Senior Lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Lisberg Jensen, Ebba
Lisberg Jensen, Ebba, Senior Lecturer

Sustainable development; Human ecology

Listerborn, Carina
Listerborn, Carina, Professor

; Institute for urban research ; Gender studies; Other civil engineering and architecture; Human geography

Liu, Ju
Liu, Ju, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Technology and social change; Business studies; Human geography, economic geography; Innovation, network analysis, sustainability, globalisation, entrepreneurship; Social sciences

Lundsten, Jonas
Lundsten, Jonas, Senior Lecturer

Technology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences


Matsson, Anneli
Matsson, Anneli, Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social psychology; Organisational and management theory; Adr - alternative dispute resolution

McGlinn, Malin
McGlinn, Malin, Study Administrator

Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Social sciences; Gender studies; Interdisciplinary research areas

Muhonen, Tuija
Muhonen, Tuija, Professor

Gender studies; Work sciences; Psychology; Gender equality; Work life

Mårtensson, Manne
Mårtensson, Manne, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; History of science and ideas; Theory of science; Social policy; Social work


Nilsson, Désirée
Nilsson, Désirée, Senior Lecturer

Human geography, economic geography; Economics; Public transport, effects on society, urban and regional development

Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert
Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert, Senior Lecturer

Oral history; Urban history; Public history; Social memory and the social production of history; Narratives and meaning-making; Social movements and protest culture; History subjects; History; Humanities and religion; Pedagogical work; 1968; Racism and anti-racism; Youth work and community work; Migration; Youth research; History and philosophy subjects

Nordgren, Johan
Nordgren, Johan, Lecturer

Social sciences; Social work; Sociology

Nordqvist, Joakim
Nordqvist, Joakim, Researcher

Nylund, Katarina
Nylund, Katarina, Senior Professor


Olsson, Lina
Olsson, Lina, Senior Lecturer

Urban planning; Land policy; Planning theory; Urban development; Spatial production; Participation and democracy; Public space; Spatial appropriation and cultural identity


Palm, Peter
Palm, Peter, Senior Lecturer

Property management; Real estate valuation; Civil engineering and architecture

Parker, Peter
Parker, Peter, Senior Lecturer

Commons; Public space; Property; Democracy; Social sciences

Persdotter, Maria
Persdotter, Maria, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Human geography

Petersson, Charlotte
Petersson, Charlotte, Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Work sciences; Social sciences

Pull, Emil
Pull, Emil, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Displacement; Human geography; Urban studies; Housing research


Ristilammi, Per-Markku
Ristilammi, Per-Markku, Professor

Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Ethnology; Interdisciplinary research areas

Roelofs, Kim
Roelofs, Kim, Doctoral Student

Urban studies; Cultural analysis; Social sciences; Ethnography; Gender studies


Sandell, Kerstin
Sandell, Kerstin, Head Of Department/Professor

Gender studies; Technology and social change; Sociology

Scholten, Christina
Scholten, Christina, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Urban studies; Gender, gender equality, working life, planning, sustainable mobilities; Human geography, economic geography

Staffansson-Pauli, Karin
Staffansson-Pauli, Karin, Head Of Unit/Senior Lecturer

Organization; Real estate science; Gender studies

Stigendal, Mikael
Stigendal, Mikael, Professor


Stjernborg, Vanessa
Stjernborg, Vanessa, Researcher

Svenér, Maria
Svenér, Maria, Doctoral Student


Tateishi, Eigo
Tateishi, Eigo, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Statistics; Sociology; Human geography, economic geography

Tran, Hoai Anh
Tran, Hoai Anh, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Urban development, urban planning and social justice mainly in developing countries; Housing research; Urban space production, urban qualities; Globalisation, urban changes and identity construction; Social sciences


Villacura, Karina
Villacura, Karina, Doctoral Student

Vitestam-Blomqvist, Birgitta
Vitestam-Blomqvist, Birgitta, Senior Lecturer

Business, real estate, markets; Social sciences


Westerdahl, Stig
Westerdahl, Stig, Senior Lecturer

Business studies; Social sciences; Real estate science

Westin, Roger
Westin, Roger, Doctoral Student

Witmer, Hope
Witmer, Hope, Senior Lecturer