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Faculty of Health and Society researchers in alphabetical order



Aleksejeva, Olga
Aleksejeva, Olga, Postdoc

Alftberg, Åsa
Alftberg, Åsa, Senior Lecturer

Disability studies, ageing, ethnography, cultural analysis

Alm-Roijer, Carin
Alm-Roijer, Carin, Senior Lecturer

Caring sciences; Medicine

Andersson, Catrine
Andersson, Catrine, Senior Lecturer

Gender studies; Marriage; Sexuality; Queer; Social sciences; Social policy; Sociology

Andersson, Claes
Andersson, Claes, Senior Lecturer

Ankarloo, Daniel
Ankarloo, Daniel, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences

Annersten Gershater, Magdalena
Annersten Gershater, Magdalena, Senior Lecturer

Orthopaedic surgery; Patient education; Diabetes nursing; Vascular surgery; Wound care; Internal medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Medicine; Health and medical services in society; Nursing

Apelmo, Elisabet
Apelmo, Elisabet, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology of the body, sociology of sports, phenomenology, feminist theory, gender, intersectionality, critical disability studies/queer theory, visual methodology and analysis; Gender studies

Arnebrant, Thomas
Arnebrant, Thomas, Ass Head Of Department/Assistans Dean/Professor

Natural sciences; Chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Physical chemistry; Medicine; Chemistry

Axelsson, Malin
Axelsson, Malin, Senior Lecturer

Caring sciences; Nursing; Personality; Adherence to medication treatment; Health-related quality of life; Obstructive lung disease; Recovery after colorectal cancer


Bahtsevani, Christel
Bahtsevani, Christel, Vice Dean/Senior Lecturer

Evidence based practice; Medicine; Caring sciences

Bengtsson, Mariette
Bengtsson, Mariette, Senior Lecturer/Director Of Studies

Caring sciences; Medicine

Björkhagen Turesson, Annelie
Björkhagen Turesson, Annelie, Senior Lecturer

Family research; Social work; Social sciences; Infant; Attachment; Resilience; Systemic perspective; Youth; Prison; Home based intervention

Björklund, Sebastian
Björklund, Sebastian, Senior Lecturer

Electrochemistry; Analytical chemistry; Biochemistry; Natural sciences; Biomaterials; Functional materials; Chemistry; Physical chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry

Bodin, Maja
Bodin, Maja, Postdoc

Reproductive health; Fertility; Gender; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas

Bolmsjö, Ingrid
Bolmsjö, Ingrid, Professor

Medicine; Older people and ageing; Nursing; Caring sciences; Ethics, palliative care; Palliative care

Borglin, Gunilla
Borglin, Gunilla, Senior Lecturer

Caring sciences; Older people and ageing

Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine
Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, Ass Head Of Department/Senior Lecturer

Postoperative recovery; Pediatric pain; Caring sciences; Health and medical services in society; Children; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas


Cardenas, Marité
Cardenas, Marité, Professor

Biology; Surface and colloid chemistry; Neutron reflectometry; Small angle neutron scattering; Soft condensed matter; Life sciences; Natural sciences; Chemistry; Physical chemistry; Biophysical chemistry

Carlbom, Aje
Carlbom, Aje, Program Director/Senior Lecturer

Multiculturalism, ethnic and religious segregation, gender and sexuality, islamism, integration; Social sciences

Carlson, Elisabeth
Carlson, Elisabeth, Senior Lecturer

Kliniska lärandemiljöer, professionsforskning, pedagogiska modeller.; Interdisciplinary research areas; Nursing; Caring sciences

Cederberg, Margareta
Cederberg, Margareta, Senior Lecturer

Children; Social innovations; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Interdisciplinary research areas; Human-animal-interaction; Social sciences; Education; Social work; Youth research; Sociology

Christensen, Jonas
Christensen, Jonas, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Social research, educational science; profession, organizational learning, social welfare and aging, participatory research, resilience, international social work, teaching languages: english, german,swedish

Chrysoulakis, Alberto
Chrysoulakis, Alberto, Doctoral Student/Lecturer

Social sciences; Criminology; Statistics

Cuadra, Carin
Cuadra, Carin, Ass Head Of Department/Professor

Security, risk, disaster risk reduction, ecosocial work; Social sciences


Danielsson, Ravi
Danielsson, Ravi, Senior Lecturer

Djampour, Pouran
Djampour, Pouran, Lecturer

Postcolonialism; Critical border studies; Gender; Ethnography; Social work; Social sciences; Youth research; Odontology; Migration


Egard, Hanna
Egard, Hanna, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Disability, social interaction, accessibility, autonomy, participation, personal assistance, ; Accessibility

Elmerstig, Eva
Elmerstig, Eva, Senior Lecturer

Sexology; Gender studies; Interdisciplinary research areas; Public health medicine research areas; Obstetrics and gynaecology; Reproductive health; Obstetrics and women's diseases; Medicine; Sexual and reproductive health

El-Schich, Zahra
El-Schich, Zahra, Researcher

Natural sciences; Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases; Morphology, cell biology, pathology; Medicine; Biology

Engblom, Johan
Engblom, Johan, Head Of Department/Professor

Natural sciences; Medicine

Englander, Magnus
Englander, Magnus, Associate Professor

Psychology; Social work; Health & society; Phenomenology

Engström, Alexander
Engström, Alexander, Doctoral Student

Lifestyle; Situational perspectives; Social sciences; Criminology

Eriksson, Håkan
Eriksson, Håkan, Professor

Adjuvant; Vaccine; Immunology; Medicine


Fehland, Margareta
Fehland, Margareta, Lecturer

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work

Finnbogadóttir, Hafrún
Finnbogadóttir, Hafrún, Senior Lecturer

Obstetrics and women's diseases; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Nursing; Gender studies; Pregnant and exposed to violence; Domestic violence; Victimology; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Family research

Friberg, Torbjörn
Friberg, Torbjörn, Senior Lecturer

Social work; Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Ethnography; Social anthropology; Social sciences; Ethnography, policy and organisation


Gerell, Manne
Gerell, Manne, Senior Lecturer

Geographic criminology; Policing; Social sciences; Criminology; Human geography

Germundsson, Per
Germundsson, Per, Senior Lecturer

Collaboration; Social representations; Disability studies; Vocational rehabilitation; Social sciences

Grönvall, Ylva
Grönvall, Ylva, Doctoral Student

Gender studies; Sexology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social work; Social sciences

Gudmundsson, Petri
Gudmundsson, Petri, Director Of Studies/Program Director/Senior Lecturer

Education; Echocardiography; Physiology and pharmacology; Physiology; Clinical physiology; Medical technology; Medicine; Caring sciences; Medical laboratory science

Gustafsson, Anna
Gustafsson, Anna, Senior Lecturer

Natural sciences; Medicine; Cell biology; Molecular biology; Immunology


Haxha, Vjollca
Haxha, Vjollca, Doctoral Student

Hellman, Peter
Hellman, Peter, Senior Lecturer

Nursing; Caring sciences; Education; Human communication; Technology; Information technology; Medicine; Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases; Interdisciplinary research areas; Informatics, computer and systems science

Holmström, Charlotta
Holmström, Charlotta, Associate Professor

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Holst, Marie
Holst, Marie, Senior Lecturer

Hommel, Ami
Hommel, Ami, Professor


Hylén, Mia
Hylén, Mia, Doctoral Student

Assessments scales; Pain assessment; Anaesthetics and intensive care


Idvall, Ewa
Idvall, Ewa, Professor

Medicine; Surgical research; Obstetrics and women's diseases; Surgery; Oncology; Psychiatry; Children; Caring sciences; Nursing

Ingvad, Bengt
Ingvad, Bengt, Senior Lecturer

Care work; Personal interaction; Social relationships; Home care services; The formal organization for home care services; Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Interdisciplinary research areas; Older people and ageing

Ingvarsdotter, Karin
Ingvarsdotter, Karin, Ass Head Of Department/Senior Lecturer

Health and medical services in society; Ethnicity; Psychiatry; Interdisciplinary research areas; Medicine; Transcultural psychiatry; Medical anthropology; Social sciences; Social anthropology; Social anthropology/ethnography

Isma, Gabriella
Isma, Gabriella, Senior Lecturer

Nursing; Caring sciences; Medicine

Ivert, Anna-Karin
Ivert, Anna-Karin, Senior Lecturer

Child and adolescent psychiatry; Migration; Ethnicity; Children and adolescents; Fear of crime; Criminology


Johansson, Mon
Johansson, Mon, Senior Lecturer

Gender studies; Sociology; Social sciences

Johnsdotter, Sara
Johnsdotter, Sara, Professor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Johnson, Björn
Johnson, Björn, Professor

Health and medical services in society; Social work; Social sciences; Public sector research; Other social sciences; Mass communication; Political science; Social sciences

Johnsson, Kent
Johnsson, Kent, Senior Lecturer


Kocherbitov, Vitaly
Kocherbitov, Vitaly, Professor

Natural sciences

Kolfjord, Ingela
Kolfjord, Ingela, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Criminology; Sociology; Sociology of law; Children; Gender studies; Sports; Ethnicity; Interdisciplinary research areas

Kottorp, Anders
Kottorp, Anders, Dean/Professor, Directly Appointed

Occupational therapy; Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Older people and ageing

Krantz, Oskar
Krantz, Oskar, Senior Lecturer

Disability research; Sociology; Disability; Assistive devices; Interaction; Community medicine

Kronkvist, Karl
Kronkvist, Karl, Doctoral Student/Lecturer

Criminology; Social sciences; Social ecology of crime; Fear of crime; Crime prevention

Kumlien, Christine
Kumlien, Christine, Professor

Vascular disease; Chronical illness; Evidence based practice; Quality of life; Screening program; Implementation; Medicine; Surgical research; Caring sciences; Nursing

Kvist, Martin
Kvist, Martin, Doctoral Student

Social policy; Social sciences; Social work; Youth research; Labour market research


Lalander, Philip
Lalander, Philip, Professor

Illegal drugs; Alcohol; Gambling; Youth criminality; Gang criminality; User involvement; Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Social work; Social sciences; Migration; Gender studies; Heroin; Refugees; Sociology of law; Sociology; Criminology; Youth research

Larsson, Camilla
Larsson, Camilla, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration; Sexology; Gender studies

Larsson, Helena
Larsson, Helena, Doctoral Student

Older people and ageing; Nursing; Caring sciences; Health and medical services in society; Interdisciplinary research areas

Lill, Linda
Lill, Linda, Senior Lecturer

Work sciences; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Older people and ageing; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Demography; Sociology

Lindroth, Malin
Lindroth, Malin, Associate Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Sexology; Health and medical services in society

Lingärde, Svante
Lingärde, Svante, Lecturer

Children; History of technology and industry; Social sciences; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History subjects; Modern history; Economic history; Interdisciplinary research areas; Disability research; Public sector research; Other social sciences; Social sciences; Social work

Lukkerz, Jack
Lukkerz, Jack, Lecturer

Disability research; Social work; Social sciences; Social sciences; Sexology

Lundberg, Susanna
Lundberg, Susanna, Senior Lecturer

Labour, class, racialization, whiteness, national community; Social sciences; Social work; Social sciences; Sociology; Gender studies; Ethnicity; Migration; Social innovations; Work sciences

Löfgren-Mårtenson, Lotta
Löfgren-Mårtenson, Lotta, Professor

Social sciences; Sexology, sexual and reproductive health and rights, youth, professionalization, intellectual disability, internet, sex education ; Interdisciplinary research areas


Magnusson, Finnur
Magnusson, Finnur, Professor

The ageing body, old age, modernity, nursing homes, ethnicity, class; Social sciences

Mangrio, Elisabeth
Mangrio, Elisabeth, Senior Lecturer

Older people and ageing; Nursing; Caring sciences; Migration; Children; Social medicine; Epidemiology; Medicine; Culture

Mellgren, Caroline
Mellgren, Caroline, Senior Lecturer

Victimology; Risk assessment and management; Hate crime; Fear of crime; Criminology


Nordgren, Camilla
Nordgren, Camilla, Director Of Studies/Senior Lecturer

Disability research; Social work; Every day life; Parenthood; Social sciences

Nordgren, Johan
Nordgren, Johan, Lecturer

Social work; Sociology; Social sciences

Norstedt, Maria
Norstedt, Maria, Senior Lecturer

Sociology; Disability research; Social sciences; Disability research; Working life studies; Feminist theory; Institutional ethnography


Ohlsson, Lars
Ohlsson, Lars, Senior Lecturer

Immunology; Cell biology; Molecular biology; Immunobiology; Tumour immunology; Cardiovascular medicine

Olofsson, Jonas
Olofsson, Jonas, Professor

Social sciences; Business and economics; Work sciences; Education

Ouis, Pernilla
Ouis, Pernilla, Senior Lecturer

Ethnography; Social anthropology/ethnography; Social sciences; Other humanities and religion; Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies; Ethnicity; Sexology


Persson, Karin
Persson, Karin, Director Of Studies/Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Odontology; Caring sciences; Nursing; Health and medical services in society

Plantin, Lars
Plantin, Lars, Vice Dean/Professor

Family research; Social work; Social sciences; Social sciences; Fathers


Rosén, Annika
Rosén, Annika, Senior Lecturer

Social work; Social sciences; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Public law; Administrative law; Social welfare law; Other law

Runge, Ida
Runge, Ida, Lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ruzgas, Tautgirdas
Ruzgas, Tautgirdas, Professor

Electrochemistry; Biochemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Analytical chemistry

Rämgård, Margareta
Rämgård, Margareta, Senior Lecturer

Participatory health research; Health promotion; Health georaphy; Urban health; Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Older people and ageing


Salonen, Tapio
Salonen, Tapio, Vice-Rector/Professor

Social sciences

Sellergren, Börje
Sellergren, Börje, Professor, Directly Appointed

Natural sciences; Medicine; Technology

Sergeeva, Yulia
Sergeeva, Yulia, Postdoc

Shleev, Sergey
Shleev, Sergey, Professor

Natural sciences; Biochemistry; Analytical chemistry; Electrochemistry

Sinkiewicz, Gabriela
Sinkiewicz, Gabriela, Senior Lecturer

Immunology; Microbiology; Medical microbiology; Oral microbiology; Periodontology; Lactic acid bacteria, lactobacilli, lactobacillus reuteri, probiotics, oral health

Sjögran, Lotta
Sjögran, Lotta, Doctoral Student/Lecturer

Medicine; Psychiatry; Nursing; Caring sciences

Sotres, Javier
Sotres, Javier, Researcher

Natural sciences; Biophysical chemistry; Chemistry; Physics; Condensed matter physics; Surfaces and interfaces; Odontology; Biomaterials; Surface and colloid chemistry; Chemical physics; Physical chemistry

Staaf, Annika
Staaf, Annika , Senior Lecturer

Other law; Social sciences; Public law; Law/jurisprudence; Human rights; Social sciences; Gender studies

Stenberg, Marie
Stenberg, Marie, Doctoral Student/Lecturer

Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas

Sunnqvist, Charlotta
Sunnqvist, Charlotta, Senior Lecturer

Psychiatry; Medicine; Mental health; psychiatric nursing care ; Time geography; Care science

Svalin, Klara
Svalin, Klara, Senior Lecturer


Svensson, Robert
Svensson, Robert, Professor

Social sciences


Tengland, Per-Anders
Tengland, Per-Anders, Professor

Theories of health and disease; The philosophy and ethics of public health; Empowerment, power, work ability, overindebtedness

Tham, Kerstin
Tham, Kerstin, Vice Chancellor

Medicine; Medicine; Occupational therapy; Occupational science; Rehabilitation after stroke; Phenomenolgy; Intervention studies

Theodoridis, Kyriakos
Theodoridis, Kyriakos, Senior Lecturer

Medicine; Caring sciences

Torstensson Levander, Marie
Torstensson Levander, Marie, Head Of Department/Senior Professor

Interdisciplinary research areas; Criminology; Social sciences


Valetti, Sabrina
Valetti, Sabrina, Postdoc

Pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery carriers, nanoparticles, nanoporous, targeted medicine, biobarriers

Vasiljevic, Zoran
Vasiljevic, Zoran, Lecturer

Väfors Fritz, Marie
Väfors Fritz, Marie, Ass Head Of Department/Director Of Studies/Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Psychology; Criminology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Ethnicity; Gender studies


Wangel, Anne-Marie
Wangel, Anne-Marie, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Epidemiology; Public health science; Medicine; Gender studies; Ethnicity; Caring sciences

Wendel, Lotta
Wendel, Lotta, Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Medical law, health law, public law; Law/jurisprudence

Wennick, Anne
Wennick, Anne, Senior Lecturer

Children; Caring sciences; Nursing; Medicine; Family research; Youth research; Diabetes; Chronic illness; Longterm illness; Pediatric care ; Everyday life with an illness


Zdravkovic, Slobodan
Zdravkovic, Slobodan, Senior Lecturer

Medicine; Epidemiology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Ethnicity; Social sciences; Migrations; Health


Öberg, Klara
Öberg, Klara, Postdoc

Social sciences

Örmon, Karin
Örmon, Karin, Senior Lecturer

Violence against women, lifecourse, general psychiatry; Time geography; Intimate partner homicide ; Mental health; Nursing; Caring sciences; Medicine; Psychiatry; Interdisciplinary research areas